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A bespoke tutoring service, specialising in students with an EHCP, that can deliver core subjects such as English, Maths and Science as well as specialist subjects such as Electronics, Design, Art, Music, Sewing, Performing Arts, and Foreign Language. 

About our EHCP Tutoring Service

There are a growing number of children who are unable to access the curriculum at school due to special educational needs, bullying and mental health. More and more of these children are being supported at home through their EHCP and funding from the local council. 

Parents may feel that they are not the best person to provide their child's education and are therefore looking for tutors to educate their child. 

Tutoring home educated children with an EHCP requires a different skill set than mainstream tuition. Our tutors are specially selected and trained. They work with you, the family to understand your child's unique needs. They are patient, caring and flexible in their approach in order to help your child to access an education. As well as teaching, our tutors work on building the child's trust and self-confidence. 


All of our tutors are carefully vetted and receive on-going training and support. We work with a variety of tutors including qualified teachers and those who are industry experts with teaching skills.

We can provide tuition in a wide range of subjects both academic and creative, for all ages up to 18.

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Personalised Service 

Specially vetted and trained tutors

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How It Works

We provide tuition across Staffordshire. Tuition can take place in your home or at the tutor's home depending on your needs and what is best.


You will start by filling out the contact form below to let us know what type of tuition you are looking for. We will then be in touch to discuss your needs in more detail. From there we hope to carefully match you with a tutor.

If we are able to make a match we will set up a free preliminary meeting with you, your child, the tutor and an agency representative. The meeting will be an informal chat to discuss your needs and get an idea of how tutor and family can work together going forwards. 

If the match is successful we will work with you in negotiation with the council in order to arrange funding.